Fatal Four Way

---Intercontinental Title: Kofi Kingston (C) def. Drew McIntyre
***1/2 - Waayy better than what they've been doing. Had a big blowoff feeling, I bought the desperation on both sides, and it had a proper ending. Kofi's DDT was ridiculous too.

---Fatal Four Way Match/ for Divas Title: Alicia Fox def. Eve (C), Maryse, & Gail Kim
DIVAS SCALE: Solid. Messy in a good way and I was legitimately entertained by the time it ended. I'm easy to please.

---Evan Bourne def. Chris Jericho
***3/4 - Ended a little abruptly, but this had some great action. Give it five more minutes and we're talkinh about MOTYC type shit.

---Fatal Four Way Match for World Heavyweight Title: Rey Mysterio def. Jack Swagger (C), CM Punk, & Big Show *
***1/2 - This match was pretty much built around everyone trying to take out Big Show and Show was game, so this was really good. Punk, Rey, and Swagger bounced around the world, and Show played a great wrecking ball.

---United States Title: The Miz (C) def. R-Truth
** - Inoffensive, but uninspiring.

---Six Person Tag Team Match: The Hart Dynasty def. The Usos
*** - They got the death slot, but performed really well. I'm awaiting the regular tag match.

---Fatal Four Way Match for WWE Title: Sheamus def. John Cena (C), Randy Orton, & Edge *
**3/4 - This had some solid moments, but never really found a groove. Can Sheamus actually pin anyone with his finisher?? I mean, come on!! It fits Edge's character a lot better to pick up scraps. Sheamus looks like a beast, so treat him like one!

* These match ratings are pretty much just based off work, because it's hard to grade the interference without seeing what it led to. Both led to some prety good things; Bryan's return, Barret becoming a main-eventer, Kane's great mic work, and his first clean win over Taker (that I know of). Whatever though.

Overall: Bourne/Jericho was the only thing that rubbed elbows with greatness, but I was entertained the entire show and nothing was outright bad.