Raw Thoughts 5/24/10

---Old man Batista is hilarious.

---BRET FTW!!!!!

---"Lets hear it for Batista"..."BOOOOO!!!!" = Hilarious

---Sheamus vs Henry was pretty decent. Sheamus needs to learn from sick submissions from Finlay, because these bland armbars don't fit him. Also Sheamus will now be known as The Sheamus.

---Jon Lovitz is really funny, but his type of humor doesn't translate well to a WWE audience.

---The big Canadian showdown was nice.

---The Divas are back to being shitty.

---Truth vs Miz was solid, but Truth really needs a new finisher.

---WHERE THE FUCK IS JOHN MORRISON??!! Being a raw mid-carder is really a punishment.

---Regal jobbing is tough to see, but whatever. A new tag team huh? hmmmmm

---Main event was sloppy, but fun.

Overall: Meh

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