Raw Thoughts 5/11/10

---Meatloaf was awesome

---I like Vickie, but her managing heel divas was great because the heat just transferred. I can live with her as GM though. Her past with Edge has mucho possibilities, storyline wise. I'm not smart enough to suggest any, but THEY'RE THERE DAMMIT!!

---DH Smith is iffy. And he should have the running powerslam as his finisher, not the Sharpshooter.

---William Regal has a bitchin theme and he doesn't even get an entrance?!?!

---The Colons being hired goons is great, because was bitchin' about not getting a chance a couple of months ago, so it's like he just sold out and just wants to be rich.

---Zack Ryder should really be on Smackdown. Better to job in 12 minute matches than 2 minute matches.

---Evan and Kim being an item of some sort is great, because they both ooze "babyface just because".

---Good Cena promo.

---Sheamus owns.

---Mark Henry.....FAIL!

---Miz vs. Bret. hmmmmmmmm

---Yoshi Tatsu should be on Smackdown. And can we find something truly constructive for Morrison to do please?

---Daniel Bryan gets the pin. He should not get a win until he beats Miz for the U.S. Title. Grrrr

---Regal's rap was great. Regal vs Bryan, Book It!

---Heel Batista is ridiculously great. Him decimating Mark Henry was wonderful and he should've used that submission hold a long time ago.

---I'm so dumb, I didn't guess Dibiase. Can he do anything besides punch and kick and that goofy clothesline spot???

---R-Truth costs Dibiase and Edge. Elevation, I think.

Overall: I'm with this Raw. They have a shit load of talent and a lot of storylines that could produce some great free tv matches (if they get more than 3 minutes) and elevation.

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