Over The Limit

---Intercontinental Title: Kofi Kingston def. Drew McIntyre
- Wasn't much here, but I thank Chuck Norris that Kofi has the belt.

CM Punk is awesome

---R-Truth def. Ted Dibiase
**1/2 - R-Truth really needs a new finisher, because the "Lie Detector" is anti-climactic as hell. I liked this though and Dibiase actually did a few moves.

---Joining SES vs Punk's hair: Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk
*** - Wrong man went over and the injury shit killed the early flow, but these guys have great chemistry and they played off their previous matches.

Big Show is an underrated talker.

---Unified Tag Team Titles: The Hart Dynasty def. Chris Jericho and The Miz
*** - Well-worked tag match, but the WWE style strips tag matches really bare. The Dynasty looked good though.

---Randy Orton vs Edge - Double Count Out
** - Before Orton hurt himself, they were just trading moves. Couldn't come at a worst time for Orton. smh

---World Heavyweight Title: Big Show def. Jack Swagger by DQ
1/2. WTF?????!!!!!! It was just fine, before the terrrible ending. Ugh

---Divas Title: Eve def. Maryse
Divas Scale: Good. Surprisingly good and they really got the crowd in it. Divas who perform well should be rewarded with more time.

---I Quit Match for WWE Title: John Cena def. Batista
** - Going just fine until they decided to go the cheese route with the security bump and the car shit.

Overall: Weak PPV with the Divas outperforming most of the dudes. Weak. Weak. Weak

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