O.R.A.N.G.E. quips

O.R.A.N.G.E. has a great cover, some great trap beats, and a Bun B appearance, but it also has a lot of bad Juiceman rapping. The thing that makes Juiceman's rapping so bad is that he doesn't have any thoughts. I don't mean in a conscious type of way, I mean 88% of his rhymes are just saying how one thing (car, chain, diamonds) are big as a something or same color as a something or something like that. He's like a Lil' Wayne parody to the twelfth. With that being said, O.R.A.N.G.E. has a solid amount of listenable songs.

---The true opener, O.R.A.N.G.E., is just trap music 101. A ruckusy beat with an intense defining chorus.

---I had I'm That Guy on a playlist not to long away, coming right after Snoop's "That's Tha Homie". They fit perfectly smacking into each other because of their gothic vibes and contrasting tempos. The most interesting thing about them is how both songs define their generations in subtle ways. Snoop could’ve easily made I'm That Guy, because he is that guy….because he’s a cool guy. Juiceman is that guy because his Hummer has huge rims and he has a lot of money. Snoop has money too though, so he definitely wins this. Anyway, this has a good beat and a catchy chorus. One of Juiceman's weedcarriers (!) is some type of decent.

---When I Get Big is pure fun and the type of songs Juiceman should make more of, because of his inherent goofiness.

---You gotta love how Drumma Boy just abuses you with percussion in the first 4 seconds of Touchdown. This is the song that really exposes Juiceman's lack of a functioning brain. Drumma Boy gives him a really steady beat to work with and Juiceman does whatever the opposite of blacking out is.

---Gunshots is excellllent. Southside provides a low-key, depressing beat with flutes where Zaythoven's video game sounds would go. Juiceman lowers his voice and his head and actually sounds like a weathered rapper. Jay Rock is a pretty solid rapper, but after Juiceman's great performance with that first verse, he was just picking up scraps.

---Where Da Hoes At has a FATBOI beat which sounds like every other FATBOI beat, and thats ok. Bun B is Bun B. Juiceman is solid. It works.

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