Friday 5/28 My life review

---My iPod classic where I store all my music and videos decided to get corrupted and shit. So after listening to Roses and crying, I said "Ok, fuck it. I'm gonna restore it." I know I'm gonna lose all the music and vids I've collected throughout the years, but I'm a grown ass man. So I go to restore it and it won't even let me do that! FN BS is what that is! Couldn't find a helpful online solution, so I'll be going to the Apple Store in the next couple of days.

---I left to take a lil walk. As I'm coming back up the stairs, I hear a loud crash and a "AAAAAAHHHHHHH". My step-brother locked my little sister on the porch and my little sister 1) is insane and 2) has a short temper, so she kicked the porch door in and tore up her achilles tendon. Rushed her to the hospital, blood everywhere, she cool now.

---With the help of torrents and lack of a girlfriend, I'm slowly, but surely getting all my beloved music and videos back.

Thats it


Naw fareal

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Lloyd said...

Jesus loves you. God bless, Lloyd