Fatal Four Way

---Intercontinental Title: Kofi Kingston (C) def. Drew McIntyre
***1/2 - Waayy better than what they've been doing. Had a big blowoff feeling, I bought the desperation on both sides, and it had a proper ending. Kofi's DDT was ridiculous too.

---Fatal Four Way Match/ for Divas Title: Alicia Fox def. Eve (C), Maryse, & Gail Kim
DIVAS SCALE: Solid. Messy in a good way and I was legitimately entertained by the time it ended. I'm easy to please.

---Evan Bourne def. Chris Jericho
***3/4 - Ended a little abruptly, but this had some great action. Give it five more minutes and we're talkinh about MOTYC type shit.

---Fatal Four Way Match for World Heavyweight Title: Rey Mysterio def. Jack Swagger (C), CM Punk, & Big Show *
***1/2 - This match was pretty much built around everyone trying to take out Big Show and Show was game, so this was really good. Punk, Rey, and Swagger bounced around the world, and Show played a great wrecking ball.

---United States Title: The Miz (C) def. R-Truth
** - Inoffensive, but uninspiring.

---Six Person Tag Team Match: The Hart Dynasty def. The Usos
*** - They got the death slot, but performed really well. I'm awaiting the regular tag match.

---Fatal Four Way Match for WWE Title: Sheamus def. John Cena (C), Randy Orton, & Edge *
**3/4 - This had some solid moments, but never really found a groove. Can Sheamus actually pin anyone with his finisher?? I mean, come on!! It fits Edge's character a lot better to pick up scraps. Sheamus looks like a beast, so treat him like one!

* These match ratings are pretty much just based off work, because it's hard to grade the interference without seeing what it led to. Both led to some prety good things; Bryan's return, Barret becoming a main-eventer, Kane's great mic work, and his first clean win over Taker (that I know of). Whatever though.

Overall: Bourne/Jericho was the only thing that rubbed elbows with greatness, but I was entertained the entire show and nothing was outright bad.


Friday 5/28 My life review

---My iPod classic where I store all my music and videos decided to get corrupted and shit. So after listening to Roses and crying, I said "Ok, fuck it. I'm gonna restore it." I know I'm gonna lose all the music and vids I've collected throughout the years, but I'm a grown ass man. So I go to restore it and it won't even let me do that! FN BS is what that is! Couldn't find a helpful online solution, so I'll be going to the Apple Store in the next couple of days.

---I left to take a lil walk. As I'm coming back up the stairs, I hear a loud crash and a "AAAAAAHHHHHHH". My step-brother locked my little sister on the porch and my little sister 1) is insane and 2) has a short temper, so she kicked the porch door in and tore up her achilles tendon. Rushed her to the hospital, blood everywhere, she cool now.

---With the help of torrents and lack of a girlfriend, I'm slowly, but surely getting all my beloved music and videos back.

Thats it


Naw fareal


Raw Thoughts 5/24/10

---Old man Batista is hilarious.

---BRET FTW!!!!!

---"Lets hear it for Batista"..."BOOOOO!!!!" = Hilarious

---Sheamus vs Henry was pretty decent. Sheamus needs to learn from sick submissions from Finlay, because these bland armbars don't fit him. Also Sheamus will now be known as The Sheamus.

---Jon Lovitz is really funny, but his type of humor doesn't translate well to a WWE audience.

---The big Canadian showdown was nice.

---The Divas are back to being shitty.

---Truth vs Miz was solid, but Truth really needs a new finisher.

---WHERE THE FUCK IS JOHN MORRISON??!! Being a raw mid-carder is really a punishment.

---Regal jobbing is tough to see, but whatever. A new tag team huh? hmmmmm

---Main event was sloppy, but fun.

Overall: Meh


Over The Limit

---Intercontinental Title: Kofi Kingston def. Drew McIntyre
- Wasn't much here, but I thank Chuck Norris that Kofi has the belt.

CM Punk is awesome

---R-Truth def. Ted Dibiase
**1/2 - R-Truth really needs a new finisher, because the "Lie Detector" is anti-climactic as hell. I liked this though and Dibiase actually did a few moves.

---Joining SES vs Punk's hair: Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk
*** - Wrong man went over and the injury shit killed the early flow, but these guys have great chemistry and they played off their previous matches.

Big Show is an underrated talker.

---Unified Tag Team Titles: The Hart Dynasty def. Chris Jericho and The Miz
*** - Well-worked tag match, but the WWE style strips tag matches really bare. The Dynasty looked good though.

---Randy Orton vs Edge - Double Count Out
** - Before Orton hurt himself, they were just trading moves. Couldn't come at a worst time for Orton. smh

---World Heavyweight Title: Big Show def. Jack Swagger by DQ
1/2. WTF?????!!!!!! It was just fine, before the terrrible ending. Ugh

---Divas Title: Eve def. Maryse
Divas Scale: Good. Surprisingly good and they really got the crowd in it. Divas who perform well should be rewarded with more time.

---I Quit Match for WWE Title: John Cena def. Batista
** - Going just fine until they decided to go the cheese route with the security bump and the car shit.

Overall: Weak PPV with the Divas outperforming most of the dudes. Weak. Weak. Weak


O.R.A.N.G.E. quips

O.R.A.N.G.E. has a great cover, some great trap beats, and a Bun B appearance, but it also has a lot of bad Juiceman rapping. The thing that makes Juiceman's rapping so bad is that he doesn't have any thoughts. I don't mean in a conscious type of way, I mean 88% of his rhymes are just saying how one thing (car, chain, diamonds) are big as a something or same color as a something or something like that. He's like a Lil' Wayne parody to the twelfth. With that being said, O.R.A.N.G.E. has a solid amount of listenable songs.

---The true opener, O.R.A.N.G.E., is just trap music 101. A ruckusy beat with an intense defining chorus.

---I had I'm That Guy on a playlist not to long away, coming right after Snoop's "That's Tha Homie". They fit perfectly smacking into each other because of their gothic vibes and contrasting tempos. The most interesting thing about them is how both songs define their generations in subtle ways. Snoop could’ve easily made I'm That Guy, because he is that guy….because he’s a cool guy. Juiceman is that guy because his Hummer has huge rims and he has a lot of money. Snoop has money too though, so he definitely wins this. Anyway, this has a good beat and a catchy chorus. One of Juiceman's weedcarriers (!) is some type of decent.

---When I Get Big is pure fun and the type of songs Juiceman should make more of, because of his inherent goofiness.

---You gotta love how Drumma Boy just abuses you with percussion in the first 4 seconds of Touchdown. This is the song that really exposes Juiceman's lack of a functioning brain. Drumma Boy gives him a really steady beat to work with and Juiceman does whatever the opposite of blacking out is.

---Gunshots is excellllent. Southside provides a low-key, depressing beat with flutes where Zaythoven's video game sounds would go. Juiceman lowers his voice and his head and actually sounds like a weathered rapper. Jay Rock is a pretty solid rapper, but after Juiceman's great performance with that first verse, he was just picking up scraps.

---Where Da Hoes At has a FATBOI beat which sounds like every other FATBOI beat, and thats ok. Bun B is Bun B. Juiceman is solid. It works.

Tis' All




Raw Thoughts 5/11/10

---Meatloaf was awesome

---I like Vickie, but her managing heel divas was great because the heat just transferred. I can live with her as GM though. Her past with Edge has mucho possibilities, storyline wise. I'm not smart enough to suggest any, but THEY'RE THERE DAMMIT!!

---DH Smith is iffy. And he should have the running powerslam as his finisher, not the Sharpshooter.

---William Regal has a bitchin theme and he doesn't even get an entrance?!?!

---The Colons being hired goons is great, because was bitchin' about not getting a chance a couple of months ago, so it's like he just sold out and just wants to be rich.

---Zack Ryder should really be on Smackdown. Better to job in 12 minute matches than 2 minute matches.

---Evan and Kim being an item of some sort is great, because they both ooze "babyface just because".

---Good Cena promo.

---Sheamus owns.

---Mark Henry.....FAIL!

---Miz vs. Bret. hmmmmmmmm

---Yoshi Tatsu should be on Smackdown. And can we find something truly constructive for Morrison to do please?

---Daniel Bryan gets the pin. He should not get a win until he beats Miz for the U.S. Title. Grrrr

---Regal's rap was great. Regal vs Bryan, Book It!

---Heel Batista is ridiculously great. Him decimating Mark Henry was wonderful and he should've used that submission hold a long time ago.

---I'm so dumb, I didn't guess Dibiase. Can he do anything besides punch and kick and that goofy clothesline spot???

---R-Truth costs Dibiase and Edge. Elevation, I think.

Overall: I'm with this Raw. They have a shit load of talent and a lot of storylines that could produce some great free tv matches (if they get more than 3 minutes) and elevation.


Extreme Rules Thoughts

---Tag Team Gauntlet for # 1 Contenders Spot: The Hart Dynasty def. ShowMiz def. John Morrison and R-Truth and MVP and Mark Henry.
**. Short and inoffensive. Hopefully, Morrison being a little too aggressive will lead to some twenty-minute awesomeness against R-Truth.

---If Punk loses, he loses his hair: CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio
***1/2. PHEW!! This was balls-to-the-wall fury and Rey matches where he gets a lot of offense are always great. The ending prevents this from being a MOTY candidate, but I still like it, because it foreshadows the return of a true wrestling stable.

---Strap Match: JTG def. Shad Gaspard
**. Decent stuff, but nobody really cared.

---Extreme Rules for World Heavyweight Title: Jack Swagger def. Randy Orton
. Disappointing. They have good chemistry, but the "extreme" stuff wasn't extreme. The right man went over though.

---Street Fight: Sheamus def. Triple H
**. Fuck Triple H and his protective booking. Fucking pussy. Sheamus should go far, because he's never booked to look good, but he's gotten over anyway.

---Extreme Makeover for Women's Title: Beth Phoenix def. Michelle McCool
MEH. But Beth went over. YEEEEESSSSSS

---Steel Cage Match: Edge def. Chris Jericho
**1/2. Some decent stuff, but this never got going.

---Last Man Standing for WWE Title: John Cena def. Batista
***1/2. They have great chemistry and this was all no-nonsense high impact shit with great drama. Cena no-selling the leg work after his Hulk-Up was iffy. The ending is smart, but it came off really cheesy.

Overall: Punk/Rey and Cena/Batista were both really good, but everything else was meh or disappointing.

Wrestlemania XXVI Thoughts

---Unified tag Team Titles: ShowMiz def. John Morrison and R-Truth
**. Short and inoffensive, but come on, 3 minutes?!?! This needed ten minutes.

---Triple Threat: Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase
**. Orton sure got to destroy these guys, didn't he? They fucked this one up, by not teasing the dissension between Rhodes and Dibiase and giving away the handicap match on Raw. This wasn't much though; Orton looked like a beast, they double-teamed him, got kinda mad at each other, and Orton won.

---Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Jack Swagger def. Christian, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Evan Bourne.
***. Worst MITB ever. The more people you have, the more time the match should get, because somebody doesn't get to play a part in it and then the obvious "Why were they there?" pops up. This was really average ladder match stuff. The only true bright spots were Evan Bourne's awesome, but stupid Air Bourne from the top of a ladder on Swagger and Kofi using the broken ladders as MOTHAFUCKIN STILTS!!

What this should've had
Kofi, Evan, and Shelton bouncing around.
Kane looking like a monster.
McIntyre getting a lot of close calls, but getting cut off by a face. Awesome Heat.
Dolph trying to put everybody out with sleepers.

And elevating Jack Swagger is a good move, because he can work, but this screams "draw-a-name-out-a-box", because if you planned to do something big with him, why not give him something productive to do in between losing the ECW title and becoming Mr. MITB. Ok, I'm done.

---Triple H def. Sheamus
**1/2. Boring, but kinda decent down the stretch. Triple H needs to find a new formula match, because this one ain't working. Plus, I was hoping he'd do the job, but *sigh* I forgot who I was talking about.

---If Rey loses, he has to join SES: Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk.
***. They did what they could in seven minutes. MORE TIME!! THINGS THAT COULD BE GOOD NEED TIME!!

---No Holds barred: Bret Hart def. Vince McMahon
*1/2. Nice twist in the beginning, but this was too “methodical”.

---World Heavyweight Title: Chris Jericho def. Edge
***1/2. This had a really meh buildup, so they went with a really simple, well-built technical match with the right man going over and extra-curricular activities that led to something "big".

---Diva Shit

---WWE Title: John Cena def. Batista
***1/2. On the same level as their SS match. They have good, big-time chemistry and the crowd was into it (duh). Their matches lack some meat though. They need something to really build to the signature moves and reversals; "Technical" stuff, Attitude brawling, body-work, something!

---No Disqualification Retirement Match: Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels
****1/2. Superb story-telling and furious work. Very different from last year's match, but damn near as good. Mr. Wrestlemania has left the building.

Overall: The main events delivered and the undercard isn't bad. Solid.


What I'm Bumpin

Real As It Gets - Jay-Z feat. Young Jeezy
Nothing Personal - Cam'ron and Vado
Stop It Slime - Cam'ron and Vado
Amber Lamps - Cam'ron and Vado
Atlanta Zoo - Gucci Mane feat. Ludacris
Antisocial - Gucci Mane feat. Nylah
Weird - Gucci Mane
Like A Nerd - Gucci Mane feat. Boo Rossini and Brick Squad
What It Is - Gorilla Zoe feat. Rick Ross and Kollossus
Shit On 'Em - Gorilla Zoe
Look What I Got - Playaz Circle feat. Korleone
Stupid - Playaz Circle feat. OJ Da Juiceman
Hold Up - Playaz Circle
Yeah We Gettin Rich - Playaz Circle feat. Ludacris
Big Dawg - Playaz Circle feat. Lil' Wayne
I'm Back - T.I.
Boombox - The Lonely Island feat. Julian Casablancas
We Like Sportz - The Lonely Island
It's Over - King South feat. Gucci Mane
That's Tha Homie - Snoop Dogg
I'm That Guy - OJ Da Juiceman feat. YBC
Pubic Garden - Asher Roth
Fuck The Money - Asher Roth feat. B.O.B.
Con-fid-ence - Asher Roth
I'm Eddy - Asher Roth
Rik Smits - Asher Roth
Cumbaya - Asher Roth feat. Boyder and Brian Bagley
Body Bag - Fabolous feat. Cam'ron and Vado
Beamer Benz or Bentley - Fabolous feat. Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana
For The Money - Fabolous feat. Nicki Minaj