Whats in my iPod

Recently Added
Drake - Heartbreak Drake 2 (Gutted it. Beats are a little too synth schizo for me. Solid rapping, but I wanted some slow R&B)
Fabolous - Loso's Way (had to gut it, couple nice tracks, but too much pop rap for me)
Slim Thug - Northside Boss 2 (had to somewhat gut it, but pretty good)
Rich Boy - Kool Aid, Kush, and Convertibles (Great all the way through. Supa Villain shows the groovier side to his production and Rich Boy is sounding more assured by the minute)

- Cam'ron - Crime Pays (minus Never Ever, Silky, You Know Whats Up, and the Fuck Cam skits)
- Ciara - Fantasy Ride (minus Ciara to the Stage, Turntables, and Keep Dancin' on Me)
- Drake - So Far Gone (minus Let's Call It Off, Little Bit, and Bria's Interlude)
- The Dream - Love Vs. Money (minus Mr. Yeah)
- FLY - Jmaboree (minus Haters 09)
- Gucci Mane - The Movie: Gangsta Grillz
- Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass (minus Jada Speaks 1-4, West Coast Kiss, and Ten Toes Down)
- Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World
- Method Man and Redman - Blackout 2
- Mos Def - The Ecstatic
- Project Pat - Real Recognize Real (Minus Bang Smack and Horny)
- Rich Boy - Kool Aid, Kush, and Convertibles & Pacc Man
- Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap (Minus The Usual Suspects, All I Really Want, and Bossy Lady)
- Slim Thug - Boss of all Bosses (minus Smile, My Bitch, and Welcome to Houston)
- Souljaboytellem - Follow Me: Gangsta Grillz - The Twitter Edition (Minus Pronto, I'm Official, and Bump This in my Lambo), iSouljaboytellem (minus Booty Got Swag, Yamaha Mama, and Hey You There), & Lord of the Ringtones (minus the talking stuff)
- UGK - UGK 4 Life (minus Hairy Asshole, Used to Be, and Hard as Hell)
- Young Jeezy - Trappin Ain't Dead (minus Air Forces 2, My First 48, Always Strapped Freestyle, I'm Goin In rmx, and Get Allot rmx)

Albums that are severely gutted
- Asher Roth - Asleep in the Bread Aisle
- Busta Rhymes - Back on my BS
- Cassidy - Apply Pressure
- The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing
- DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz: The Album Vol. 2
- Eminem - Relapse
- Gorilla Zoe - Don't Feed Da Animals
- Gucci Mane - Writings on the Wall
- Jadakiss - The Last Kiss
- Jamie Foxx - Intuition
- Jim Jones - Pray IV Reign
- Lil' Wayne - Hottest Nigga Under The Sun
- Maino - If Tomorrow Comes
- T.I. - Gone Till November
- Young Jeezy - Quarantine
- Wale - Back to the Feature

- Ace Boon Coon feat. Young Dro and Rick Ross - Fruity
- B.O.B. feat. T.I. - I'm Dat Nigga
- Drake feat. Lil' Wayne - Ransom
- The Lonely Island - I'm on a Boat
- Gucci Mane feat. Esther Dean - I Think I Love Her
- Gucci Mane - Ridiculous
- Ludacris - Grizzly
- OJ Da Juiceman feat. Gucci Mane - Make The Trap Say Aye
- Rich Boy - Drop
- Slim Thug - Fuck You
- Young Jeezy - 24-23
- Yung Joc - BooKoo
- Yung L.A. feat. Young Dro and T.I. - Ain't I remix
- Yung L.A. feat. Ricco Barrino - Futuristic Love

If You Buyin' We Sellin 22
Playaz Circle feat. Lil' Wayne and Young Jeezy - Stupider Remix
Playaz Circle - Hold Up
Gucci Mane - Block Party
Gucci Mane - Mo Money
Yung Ralph - I Bought That
Playaz Circle feat. Gucci Mane - Pussy Rehab
Maino feat. Young Jeezy - All the Above remix
Playaz Circle feat. Lil' Wayne - Big Dog

and there you have it


I'm unoriginal

I saw Brandon Soderberg's iPod journal and I thought "Thats a great idea. I should do it". So I'm doing it. I have a 16GB Black Nano.

- Little Bit from Drake's So Far Gone: Weird crossover type thing that throws everything off.
- Air Forces 2 and My 1st 48 from Young Jeezy's Trappin Ain't Dead: Beats are much too Deeper Than Rap-ish for Jeezy.

- Slim Thug's Northside Boss mixtape: I'm a fan.


Been Busy Part 2: Sorta leftovers

1 - My hopes for Boss of All Bosses are starting to dim. A bunch of new Cam tracks with his new buddies, Vado and Byrd Lady, appear on the Criminal Minded 2 mixtape. Production is much too weak. Only songs worth keeping are Arab Money, which is pure menace, and Professional, because of Byrd Lady's charisma. Her and Nikki Minaj may be able to bring back female rap.

2 - I finally got around to listening to Fantasy Ride. I quite enjoyed it sans Ciara to the Stage, Turntables, and Keep Dancin' on Me. High Price has joined my race for song of the year. Its everything Diva should've been. Energetic, jagged, and attitudey. Ciara does a kinda funny thing where she sings from the very top of the voice, kinda opera-esque. Ludacris drops a simple, but effective guest verse.

3 - The Cool Kids' Gone Fishing is pretty good. They're starting to develop a Clipse type thing, where it's hard to seperate them. They don't rap about nothing in particular; Basketball metaphors, goofy brags, weird imagery, and the occassionally punchline. The production is hard for me to describe. The bass and drums are very stripped down and rusty, but they're accented by small little bleeps and bloops. The Jumprope chorus is simply wonderful. The Last Stretch has a small little opening verse from a chick named Jahda, who sounds like a female Cool Kid with a more direct flow. I highly doubt I'll hear a guest appearance as good Bun B's on the Pennies remix.

4 - Jamboree just might be album of the year. This is one of the funnest albums I've ever listened to. Anthemic keyboard production, harmless brags, and wonderfully melodic hooks. The thing I like the most about it is that they never degrade the listener. It's always "I'm always wearing Polo" and not "I have more Polo than you".


Been Busy

Trying to get a job and a car and a boo. ON TO THE MUSIC!!!

1 - My favorite Michael Jackson song is Heaven Can Wait.

2 - Not trying to be an asshole or anything, but the death of Billy Mays hurt me a lot more than MJ.

Trey sums up my thoughts about Wale perfectly. 9th Wonder's beats are a little too mellow for me. Probably cause Drumma Boy became my favorite producer in the last couple of months.

Prepare to be disappointed by Drake's debut album. Don't get me wrong, I think he's friggin great, but nobody in Cash Money knows anything about putting together an album.

50 Cent's War Angel LP is solid. He's actually trying to get back to why we loved him, but it may be too late. Either way, his return to gritty street talk. His hiring of shitty producers to do lazy soul chops is not welcome.

The Ecstatic is quite an interesting album. I'm not smart enough to really understand anything Mos Def is saying or trying to say, but it's delivered in a weird way. It reminds me alot of when I first listened to Aquemini (its not that good though). Slick Rick's verse on Auditorium, The Embassy, and Workers Comp are my favorite things about it. Worth a cop. Very weird listen.

If Tomorrow Comes is a pretty solid. Maino does the thing they do in movies, where they show the last scene first and then rewinds to the beginning. All The Above was one of the first great songs of the year and I really like A Million Bucks (Swizz Beatz is an inconsistent bastard). The rest of the album is just a chronicling of different stuff about Maino's life. His first day out (Back to Life), being a gangsta (Gangsta featuring a beastin B.G.), his annoying ass baby momma (Kill You), and his fucked up life (Runaway Slave). The only real flaw is the in-houseish production. It reminds me alot of the several shitty songs on Padded Room. The Hating skit is hilarious.

Man, I like Souljaboy (no homo). The Follow Me mixtape is a typically great Gangsta Grillz mixtape. Not many jacked beats though, just a bunch of ruckusy trap shit, with a hilarious South Park skit and a reggae type thing. I respect how Souljaboy is trying to prolong his career by seperating himself from the Crank That shit, by talking about sex and guns, and cursing alot, but he's putting himself in a weird position. The adults won't listen to him and The teens'll probably stop messing with him, because if his Gucci-aping. Speaking of Gucci, he has two great appearances here. Bands is an pretty old song that Gucci obliterates with his arrogance, imagery, and manic delivery. Get Em Got Em has a diamond opening couplet.

I'm in the club wit the snub giving hugs
I got living lightning bugs in my fist, like I stole Mike Jackson glove

Drumma Boy probably didn't produce Gold Grill Shawty, but I like the metallic clanks and the Souljaboy's opening punchline. POW was the song that introduced me to the new Souljaboy. Its a uber-minimalist banger with Souljaboy going double-time.