Great Songs

Young L.A. feat. Yung Dro and T.I. - Ain't I Remix

---Undeniable. Beat is all electronic beeps and synthed out tuba. I don't know what to make of Young L.A.. He has a generic Gucci Mane/Shawty Lo sort of flow, that's great for this beat, but not necessarily good. Dro is solid and T.I. comes through with yet another brutal verse.

Maino feat. T-Pain - All of the Above

---This is just Live Your Life for the streets. Maino is no T.I., but he has enough passion in his voice to make up for his lack of charisma. T-Pain trumps Rihanna by alot. Just Blaze officially sucks. The beat is exactly Live Your Life lowered 2 steps. It still knocks though.

Slim Thug - I Run

---Jim Jonsin takes standard Runners-esque synths, plays 'em forwards, and adds another set of queasy sounding synths to 'em. The chorus is sampled from the Flock of Seagulls song. Slim Thug isn't great, but he does enough to make the song a banger.

Gorilla Zoe - Lost

---Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. The vocoder adds a layer of despair to Zoe's gravelly voice as he croons about being lost. Drumma Boy adds a bunch of creepy bleeps.

and finally