Random Post #3

1 - I listened to a shitload of Ghostface over the weekend and he entered my top 5. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is great, too. Fuck was I thinkin'?? The next post I do will probably be a discography review, even knew I still haven't did my Scarface post.

2 - Speaking of Scarface, two tracks from Emeritus (allegedly his swan song) have been released: Forgot About Me (with great verses from Lil' Weezyana and Bun Beater) and Emeritus. Both are great.

3 - CAMRON SIGHTING. He dropped two upcoming songs from Crime Pays: Still The Reason and Go In. Still The Reason is solid, Go In is meh. I really wanna love 'em both, but it seems like Cam really isn't trying anymore. He's just coasting. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

4 - My New C3 Mix: I'm Me, I'm A Beast, A Millie, Phone Home, Playin' With Fire, Gossip, Dr. Carter, Kush, La La La, Mr. Carter, Something You Forgot, One Night Only, Tie My Hands, Love Me or Hate Me, Let The Beat Build.

5 - RIP Paul Newman. Haven't seen alot of his "classics", but I've seen him in a handful of movies and he has ridiculous screen presence and acting ability.

6 - Why is the Love Lockdown chorus so shitty??