Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter 3

Tha Carter III was one of the most anticipated albums ever. It was supposed to be the album that would silence all haters and establish Lil’ Wayne as the best rapper alive. It took care of business commercially, going platinum in a week. But it’s not the classic it was supposed to be. I usually track-by-track reviews on relatively short albums, but I'm not a good enough writer to get my thoughts out on this album in paragraph form, so I'm doing a track-by-track review.

1. 3 Peat - Produced by Maestro

3 Peat might just be the worst song on the album, because it doesnt accomplish its goal. Lollipop and Got Money are supposed to be club bangers and they really are. Mrs. Officer is for the girls and girls love it. 3 Peat is supposed to be the dramatic opener and its really weak. It sounds like a really weak freestyle and the beat is just solid. Walk In, Fly In, and I'm Me are infinitely better. Especially I'm Me. Weak song

2. Mr. Carter feat. Jay-Z - Produced by Drew & Infamous

I really hate Wayne's mini-verse after Jay's verse. It seems like he thought he was getting outshined, but despite Jay's great verse, both of Wayne's verses were up to par with it. Whether Wayne will admit it or not, he still looks up to Jay. Drew & Infamous do an excellent Just Blaze imitation. Great song.

3. A Millie - Produced by Bangladesh

Whipcrack snares and alternating bass backed by a screwed up "A Millie". Wayne's 1st verse is a thing of beauty as he just lets his voice and whatever vowel sounds he's riding take him wherever they happen to go. Great song

4. Got Money feat. T-Pain - Produced by Play-n-Skillz & T-Pain

This song sucks, but it has a nice beat and T-Pain sounds predictably cool on the chorus. Good for the clubs, but it still sucks. Weak song

5. Comfortable feat. Babyface - Produced by Kanye West

Kanye West's sub-dramatic strings are lightweight and Wayne sleepwalks through this "love" song. Babyface is a disgrace to the male race. Now that's assonance! Wack song

6. Dr. Carter - Produced by Swizz Beatz

Apparently just jacked this sample and set the tempo ala Kanye's work on three out of Kanye's five tracks on The Blueprint. Whether he actually did any real work or not is irrevelant, because he produced the best song on the album. Wayne takes on the guise of a doctor whose patients are wack rappers. Wayne takes the concept and runs with it in a perfect display of lyricism. Great song

7. Phone Home - Produced by Cool & Dre

It's kinda messed up that Wayne basically had to sell-out to become the superstar that he is now. Lollipop is a truly terrible song and what makes it worse is that their are so many good songs on C3 that could've been singles. Phone Home would've been my pick for the lead single. It has the trunk-rattling bass and the clever ET piano work. Not to mention the catchy ass chorus. Oddly, Wayne is the least important thing, but if it wasn't for him, the song's concept really wouldn't work. Unless you gave it to Andre 3000. Great song

8. Tie My Hands feat. Robin Thicke - Produced by Robin Thicke

The obligatory Katrina song. Wayne legitimately goes in with some passionate lyrics and Robin Thicke can't hurt any song. Great song

9. Mrs. Officer feat. Bobby Valentino - Produced by Deezle

Girls love this song and it's understandable. The beat is a sort of jiggy guitar and Wayne puts his playful voice on. He sleepwalks through it and Bobby Valentino rapping is extremely unnecessary, but the chorus and is nice. Decent song.

10. Let The Beat Build - Produced by Kanye West & Deezle

It’s pretty self-explanatory as the beat actually builds while Wayne spits over. A bouncy sample with piano, than the claps, hi-hats, 808s, than it finally comes together. Wayne goes in and experiments with his flow (but when doesn't he) Great song

11. Shoot Me Down feat. D. Smith - Produced by D. Smith

5 e-dollars to anyone who can tell me who "D. Smith" is. The beat is great with a real dark gritty guitar and D. Smith's sounds alot like Adam Levine. This is supposed to be the "deep" song, but the message and who Wayne is actually talking to is real blurry. Is he talking to haters?? Himself?? God?? Besides a couple nice lines, this is pretty useless. Weak song

12. Lollipop - Produced by Jim Jonsin & Deezle

Verry bad song, but it's catchy and the beat is great. Wayne is using the dreaded vocoder and ......it's just bad. Weak song.

13. La La feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes - Produced by David Banner

Alot of critics and fans rag on this song, but it's great. The beat is simple with a baby saying La La and Banner transforms it into regular piano and throws in some knocking drums. Wayne's verse is solid, but moreso because of his weedhead delivery. Brisco is terrible, but Busta Rhymes drops a great verse. Solid song

14. Playin' With Fire feat. Betty Wright - Produced by Streetrunner

The 2nd best song on the CD, but not because of the lyrics, which are just decent. Wayne's fierce, DMX-like delivery over the roaring guitar and popping drums just screams aggression. StreetRunner also produced Gossip and some other Wayne mixtape tracks. He should be Wayne's new Mannie, because they make great music together. Great song

15. Nothin' On Me feat. Fabolous & Juelz Santana - Produced by The Alchemist

Alchemist is a lazy bastard. All he did was take the Wet Wipes beat and make it clubby. The beat is still great though. Fabolous' verse is a thing of beauty, hands down the best guest appearance on the CD. Santana drops a solid verse, but he continues to show that he'll probably never be as good as he was (And he was never great). Wayne uses the vocoder on the chorus and it sounds great, but his verse is disgustingly bad. Solid song

16. DontGetIt - Produced by Rodnae & Mouse

Wayne has done plenty of interviews where magazines and websites try to pick his brain and he explains his way of thinking and his views on things, but magazines still try to make him out to be some type of infinitely complex creature that the world has never seen before. He's not. He's just a regular rapper. DontGetIt is kind of Wayne's way of explaining himself. It's really just two verses of imagery and great surface raps with wrapped around a few lines that really defines how Wayne's brain works.

"Perry Mason facing the barrel if he tattle
My God is my judge, no gown no gavel"

"Fucking fantastic, fuck if you agree
I'm hot but I don't give a fuck if you see me"

"Excuse my French emotion in my passion
but I wear my heart on my sleeve like it's the new fashion
what are you asking, if I don't have the answer
it's probably on the web, like I'm a damn tarantula"

Wayne doesn't care about what his fellow humans think about him. All the dick-riding magazines and websites asking the same questions that the last dick-riding magazine and website did are going to get the same answer. He's mocking everyone who is still trying to figure him out. After his 2 verses, he goes on a 6 minute rant about the state of the black man in America and "Fuck Al Sharpton and anyone like him". Great song

Overall: 6/10 – 3/5 – B-

Best Songs: Dr. Carter, Let The Beat Build, Playin' With Fire